Exploring New Lands to Explore Your Mind

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest organizations committed to preserving our planet, with the hope that by offering trips and outdoor activities individuals can experience the wonders of the world and work towards conserving our Earth.

Recently, The Sierra Club sponsored a research project aimed to assess the value of outdoor activities improving veteran’s mental health. “The researchers surveyed Veterans one week before, one week after, and one month after a group wilderness experience…Fifty four of the 73 Veterans participating completed the post-experience questionnaire a week after the outing. They reported a greater than 10 percent improvement in psychological well-being, a 9 percent increase in social functioning, and a nearly 8 percent gain in positive life outlook.”


The effects of exploring new territory can inspire a sense of contrast and gratitude, thus allowing us to silence temporary worries and boost our mental wellness. This week we hope you will make the time to venture into the unknown –whether that is in your neighborhood, your community or a new country — to find physical and mental views you’ve never seen before. The Sierra Club has upcoming trips including backpacking, skiing, camping, kayaking and more — you can check them out here.

When you find a moment of inspiration, share it with us! Use the hashtag #MyTherapy, we can’t wait to see what you discover.

Simone Laroche


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