How to Continue with Your 2019 Goals

According to Forbes, 77% of people abandon their new year’s resolutions within the first few weeks of the year. This happens for many reasons, but most often because they set goals that are too lofty or vague and get overwhelmed. If this is you, there are multiple ways you can get back on track before any more of the year passes by.

PROBLEM: Overly Ambitious

A year seems like a very long time, and the new year’s season is buzzing with optimism about how much you could change in 12 months. It is entirely possible that your goal is unattainable within the time frame. The first few weeks of the year could be a good indicator of how much you can accomplish. You can use January as a template for the rest of the year and, if your goal turns out to have been too large, reassess and set a new goal.

Breaking down your resolution into smaller pieces can also make it more attainable. Create a progress chart or allow yourself small rewards as the year goes on—weekly or monthly so that you stay on track. Make sure your goals are specific and

PROBLEM: Disconnected goals

Think about how your resolution would change the life you already lead. Why do you want to lose weight, or read more books, or get a new job? Think about why you want to make these changes—reflect on how they connect with your identity. Imagine your goal is to change your job or career entirely. Do you want to minimize commute time? Make more money? Find something more in line with your life’s passion? Knowing more about what you specifically want to change can help you make it happen faster.

Determine what the goal will alter about your life in the new year and in the long run. While you want to keep your resolution simple and attainable in one year’s time, consider the next steps if you do achieve it. Losing twenty pounds requires an exercise and diet change—will that make it easier to run a half marathon? Will it require that you learn new cooking skills?

Knowing that there is more on the horizon once you meet your 2019 goals may encourage you to stay the course, gearing up for 2020 and beyond.

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