Mental Health on College Campuses

College is often hailed as “the best four years of your life.” While it’s true that your undergraduate experience can be very fun and exciting, it can often also be some of the toughest years of your life. Freshmen in college are finally out on their own and free to make their own decisions about […] Read More

Fitness and Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are all the rage right now, but are they healthy? With a quick survey of my office of twelve people right now, I can see five of those ever-present fitness trackers, and I know that at least three of the seven remaining have fitness tracking apps on their phones. Everybody has their different […] Read More

Panic Attacks

“If you miss a step on the stairs and your stomach lurches – it feels like that, but lasts much, much longer.” Panic attacks can be a frightening and perplexing experience. The term itself can be seen as a bit of a misnomer because these attacks can arrive without warning with no real identified panic. […] Read More

Call to Support New Jersey’s Telehealth Legislation

New Jersey Telehealth Bill No. A1464 and S291/652/1954 is moving steadily through the legislative process. Now is the time for New Jersey healthcare providers, facilities, organizations and stakeholders to join in reaching out to your legislators to show support for this important bill. Telemedicine involves the use videoconferencing or other electronic communication to connect healthcare […] Read More

Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

Society has prescribed a life path to which most high school and college aged individuals are expected to adhere. The majority of people believe that the correct path is a straight shot from high school, through college, perhaps even higher education, and then onto a well-paying career in their field. However, with a changing social […] Read More

Eight Ways to Keep Negativity from Ruining Your Day

Does negativity sometimes ruin your day? Complaints, anger, discontent, and intolerance for differences of opinion are overwhelming. This negativity is omnipresent. It’s on the news, on social media, and in our communities, neighborhoods, and homes. Often, people don’t treat each other with genuine kindness; this can be intentional or, more frequently, unintentional, the unintended consequence […] Read More

Intentional Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: What is it and How Can it Help with Anxiety?

Have you ever wondered why particular sights, sounds and tactile sensations feel so satisfying or relaxing? Or how impossibly mundane activities like the light sound of a computer keyboard typing, pages turning or hair brushing can sometimes induce tingles on your head or “the shivers”? It is likely that what you are experiencing is ASMR […] Read More

How to be More Efficient at Work

The 9-to-5 job is the routine of millions of Americans, and about half of them say they get distracted after only 15 minutes of work. To help maintain focus and improve efficiency, check out these 10 tips. Create a to do list. One of the first things to do when sitting down at your desk […] Read More

How to Handle a Breakup with Anxiety

Breakups are rough. Most people believe it’s the stuff of sad songs and romantic comedies, but in reality it’s a visceral and sometimes even debilitating pain to end a relationship in which you’ve most likely invested a great deal of your emotional energy. Cue anxiety, depression, and other mental illness and it’s almost impossible to […] Read More

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