What Are Night Terrors?

Anyone with a child who has experienced night terrors knows how scary they can be not only for the child but also for the family member trying to comfort them. Nearly 40 percent of children experience night terrors, and although most people grow out of them by the time they reach adolescence. Night terrors are […] Read More

Things Happy People Do Everyday

Have you ever wished you were happier? It seems easier said than done sometimes. There are some general things that happier people do differently that we can all use as a reminder, and they are a lot simpler than you think! People who are happier worry much less. They don’t let small things that go […] Read More

Organic Art: Living Walls

The concept of a vertical garden which is commonly referred to as a living wall was initially introduced by French Botanist Patrick Blanc. In the last few years the concept of vertical gardening and living walls has inspired people to essentially paint with plants. The beauty of this art form is that almost anything can […] Read More

Have Yourself a Self-Care Staycation

Summertime usually means vacation for most people; traveling to a certain destination. But there are times when vacation might not be an option, due to finances, scheduling and other reasons. This is where a “staycation” comes in. A staycation is when one still takes time off, but doesn’t leave the area, hence the “stay” part. […] Read More

Navigating Life Transitions

There is something about a big life transition that often forces you to reflect on the life you have lived this far. A short story When I was 24 I just got to medical school. And at my white coat ceremony one of the attendings was speaking and she said “my hope for you all […] Read More

Create the Perfect Self-Soothing Kit

Emotional distress and feelings of sadness, anxiety, and general unease sometimes feel like they can turn our day upside down. Often when we enter into these emotions it can be difficult to think of helpful resources in the moment to make ourselves feel better. That is why advance planning is essential. What if we could […] Read More

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