The Importance of a Night Routine

The sweet, calming smell of lavender fills the room. Small, gentle stretches on a yoga mat provide a sense of serenity. The easy 1,2,3 nightly routine of teeth brushing, bathing, and reading a book allow for a night of easy, peaceful sleep. Doesn’t this sound relaxing? This could be a reality for you every night. […] Read More

Coping With Empty Nest Syndrome

If you are a parent who is struggling with the realization that your child is heading off to college… you’re not alone. Parents all over the country are being forced to confront the idea that their child is all grown up. After years of taking kids to school, helping with homework, and driving them to […] Read More

Transitioning from High School to College

Whether you move across the country for college or are just a few hours from home, transitioning from high school to campus life can be a challenge and have implications for mental wellness. For many college students, moving away from home is the first time they’ve experienced many aspects of “adulting” and suddenly they have […] Read More

Back to School with Telebehavioral Health

A new school year is starting, which means lots of new experiences for children. Whether it be having a new teacher, starting at a new school, or reuniting with friends after a long summer, emotions can range from excitement to anticipation. But not all those feelings might be positive. According to the Center for Diseases […] Read More

Collaborative Care with Mental Health

If you or a loved one has sought out mental health services recently, you are painfully aware of the long wait times to see a mental health professional. Depending on the resources in a particular area people can wait from weeks to months before seeing someone. For some the wait is too long which leads […] Read More

The Importance of Checking In

It’s no surprise that people rely on each other to get through the day. We’re social beings and we benefit when we’re nice to each other — when is the last time someone made your day a little easier? The last time someone held the door open for you, the last barista to give you […] Read More

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