World Mental Health Day: 40 Seconds of Action

What is World Mental Health Day? World Mental Health Day began on October 10th, 1992 when the World Federation for Mental Health created an annual day to promote mental health advocacy and public education. By 1994, it was decided that each year should have a theme within mental health to focus on. In 1995, the […] Read More

National Depression Screening Day

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with depression or knows someone who has is aware of the sometimes devastating impact this condition can have on the individual and the people they care about. Most notably, these negative impacts are augmented when a person’s depression goes undertreated or undiagnosed. As part of widespread efforts to combat […] Read More

Mental Health Mottos

Daily affirmations have the power to transform and strengthen lives by giving us the ability to manifest a desired action or belief. The words that we tell ourselves are extremely powerful; when we tell ourselves positive mantras, it is more likely that we will believe these thoughts and cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves. There […] Read More

Self-Care After the Loss of a Pet

Animal companions have a way of reminding us of the beauty and joy of life through their steadfast loyalty and unconditional love. Sadly, many know the pain of losing a precious animal companion. According to researchers, losing a pet can be just as devastating as losing a human companion. Some have theories as to why […] Read More

Why Do We Love the Fall?

Autumn officially started September 23, but the feeling of fall is felt long before the actual date. Stores begin breaking out their Halloween displays, coffee shops add the pumpkin and maple flavors to the menu, and social media gets flooded with autumn-related posts. So why do we love autumn so much? Part of it is […] Read More

The Societal Significance of National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month which is an essential tradition geared towards those with mental health and substance use struggles. Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the purpose of this month’s movement is to raise awareness and celebrate those in all stages of recovery. Tens of thousands of mental health […] Read More

What to Know Before Your First Counseling Session

Getting ready for your first counseling session can be nerve-wracking whether you’ve tried therapy before or you’re starting with a new counselor. What will your counselor be like? What kinds of questions will they ask? How should you prepare? Not knowing what to expect can be intimidating and ultimately deter some people from pursuing counseling. […] Read More

The Importance of a Night Routine

The sweet, calming smell of lavender fills the room. Small, gentle stretches on a yoga mat provide a sense of serenity. The easy 1,2,3 nightly routine of teeth brushing, bathing, and reading a book allow for a night of easy, peaceful sleep. Doesn’t this sound relaxing? This could be a reality for you every night. […] Read More

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