Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are a treasured time of togetherness, warm laughter, and delicious food…well, most of the time. Often they can morph into awkward conversations, stressful preparations, and way, way too much pie.  It’s a tale as old as time! So how can we stay healthy, both mentally and physically, during the holiday season? Let’s focus […] Read More

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Think about the last time you went to a wedding. Were there extravagant sprays of flowers, glimmering table decorations, bridesmaids with flawless hair and makeup, hundreds of guests fawning over the tiniest of details, and of course… an open bar? The answer is most likely… “yes.” And as you enjoy a celebration full of love, […] Read More

Attachment and Mental Health

As people, whether we like it or not, we are essentially social creatures who depend on attachment to others for almost everything. Interpersonal attachment is a fundamental human motivation. Throughout life, our attachments change and develop, but they are always necessary to some degree. Learning about having health attachments is very important to helping us […] Read More

Adoption and Mental Health

Children adopted at any age face unique struggles. Depending on when they were adopted and how far away from their native home they travel, these children are up against a variety of challenges unique to their new role as an adoptee. The relationship between adopted child and new parents has a major impact on how […] Read More

Creative Ways to Exercise Indoors

Winter weather can be a significant barrier to many people getting to the gym. It’s cold, rainy, icy, snowing, dark, none of which make us particularly motivated to do much of anything let alone go to the gym. When given the option between putting on sweats and sitting in front of the fireplace with a […] Read More


We’re our own worst critics. It’s a tale as old as time, older than humans have existed. But for as long as being human has existed, so have making mistakes, errors in judgment, and regrets. So, if these unsavory events are just a part of life that everyone goes through, why are we so hard […] Read More

Halloween and Mental Health Stigmas

Orange-and-black Halloween decorations and spooky costumes fill storefronts long before the last day of October. This scary holiday is anticipated by many: children are eager to trick-or-treat, and adults look forward to attending themed Halloween parties with their perfect costume planned weeks in advance. But, for some, Halloween is a confusing and stigma-filled holiday. Many […] Read More

The Self-Care Generation

You get home after a long day of work. The evening may consist of eating dinner, then doing a relaxing activity, such as reading, journaling, watching TV or something else. Routines like these are often associated with self-care. Self-care is not just relaxation. As PsychCentral describes, self-care is the act of taking care of oneself. […] Read More

Grounding Techniques

Grounding is a technique that helps keep someone in the present. I first became familiar with grounding techniques as a yoga teacher trainee in my early twenties. We were taught that, particularly in the high-stress city of Washington D.C., where I lived at the time, people came to yoga class to ground themselves. To put […] Read More

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