What Type of Fitness is Best for You?

Being fit, healthy and happy should be a great experience, but with so many options, finding a fitness program that feels perfect can be overwhelming. With all the fad diets, trendy exercise classes, and fitness programs, the mere choice of how to work out can keep us from reaching our fitness goals. Fitness, like diet, […] Read More

The Laws of Attraction

Where do our most important relationships start? How do we determine who to spend most of our time with? The people we are attracted to may seem random, as we meet people all sorts of ways. But is it really random? Or are our relationships already embedded in our DNA? How do we make friends, […] Read More

How to Make the Most of Criticism

Merriam-Webster’s official definition of the word criticize is “to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly.” What the definition doesn’t elaborate on is what exactly can be subjected to criticism: ourselves, appearances, clothes, books, movies, music, television shows, the list never really ends. Criticism is something that people don’t like to hear or […] Read More

The Art of Letting Go

In my line of work I have often encouraged people to find a way to “let things go,” especially when they are consumed with anger and despair over events that are completely out of their control. However, in recent days when I too was having difficulty “letting go,” I thought to myself… how do I […] Read More

Why Winning Isn’t Everything

I’m nine or ten years old, in my bedroom, methodically and ritualistically arranging my trophies and awards precisely three and a half inches equidistant from each other on the shelf. My OCD is temporarily appeased. At this point, I have a lot of trophies and awards – one for every team or contest or club […] Read More

The Importance of Professional Development

No matter which field you find yourself working in, it’s likely you’ll encounter at least one opportunity for professional development. Whether it comes in the form of a conference, a workshop or just a round table discussion among colleagues over free lunch, odds are that its significance has become lost among the typical workplace vocab […] Read More

Bipolar Disorder and the Seasons

For those with bipolar disorder, mood cycling (going from extreme lows (depression) to extreme highs (mania)) can be tied to the seasons, among many other factors. There are two types of mania, depending on whether you have bipolar I or bipolar II. The basic difference between the two diagnoses is that people with bipolar I […] Read More

The Art of Saying No

Have you ever said yes, when all you really want is to say no? Many of us, including myself, fall victim to this. The real question is, how do you say “no” without offending someone else and respecting yourself? Through therapy and life experience, I have learned that not only is it okay to say […] Read More

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