What is “Mental Toughness?”

Have you ever wondered what sets apart people who are extremely successful in life and people who are not? Why do some people accomplish all their goals and more, while others struggle in the stages? The assumption people prefer to make is that exceptional people are especially talented, genetically gifted, and just one day effortlessly […] Read More

How to Handle a Bad Roommate Situation

Most young adults will, at some point, live with roommates either in college, post-graduation or both. Living with roommates is a smart way to save money at this stage in life, and living with friends can be a fun, bonding experience, but what happens when you have a bad roommate? From leaving dirty dishes in […] Read More

When You Don’t “Look Sick:” Life With An Invisible Illness

What Invisible Means An invisible illness is defined as a “physical, mental or neurological condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities that is invisible to the onlooker…Invisible disabilities are such symptoms as debilitating fatigue, pain, cognitive dysfunctions and mental disorders, as well as hearing and eyesight impairments and more” (Invisible Disabilities Association). You […] Read More

Grief and the Holidays

In our household the holidays were the best time of year because we always spent them together. Decked out holiday trees, apple cider, a lavish spread of entrees and sides, silly holiday outfits for the dogs. We all gathered at the table over great food, exchanged stories and memories, and talked about how this was […] Read More

Traveling with Anxiety

Fear of flying in airplanes? Feeling anxious about trying new things or seeing new places? Becoming overly obsessed with sticking to the itinerary? Not feeling able to leave family? These are all common anxiety issues individuals may think of before departing on a new trip. These struggles can even prevent people from booking a ticket […] Read More

Flying with Small Children

The holidays are the happiest time of the year, but the stress of getting to and from your holiday destinations can fill even the happiest of holidays with worry and dread. Traveling with small children is difficult. Trapping small children in a flying canister with nowhere to play is even worse. However, there are many […] Read More

Finding the Right Mentor

There are many different types of mentors people seek in their lives, but two of the most valuable are professional and personal mentors. The best advice I ever got in medical school was how to identify a potential mentor. This has helped me significantly in different stages of my life thus far. In medical school […] Read More

Mental Wellness in the Workplace

Work stress is quite often a significant component of everyday life, and can be hard to handle when your financial well-being is directly tied to your job. While there can still be some stigma against mental health in the work place, attitudes toward such issues are changing. There may be resources either at or through […] Read More

Making Time for a Therapist

One of the great ironies of modern telemedicine is that while having a physician’s phone number at our fingertips should lower the activation energy needed to set up appointments, we rarely make the time to do so. We tell ourselves that we’ll “set something up this week,” but the urgency of said task often falls […] Read More

Mental Health Issues in Young Children

No matter one’s age, people need good mental health status in order to live their most fulfilling, satisfying, and positive lives. This includes children, who must have strong mental health to live up to their full potential in childhood and later on, in their adolescence and adulthood. Childhood mental health can influence their mental health […] Read More

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