Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Springtime is usually associated with flowers blossoming, trees blooming, and other vegetation coming alive. These sights are usually seen outside, but can come indoors as well. There are several advantages to having indoor plants in a house, apartment or other dwelling, as they can provide benefits for environmental, mental and even physical health. Here are […] Read More

Vitamin D and Depression

The sun will come out tomorrow, or so we hope. Most of us are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fully transition out of our sweater weather into lighter threads because it means more time in the sun and an overall brighter mood. But why is being outside such a source of joy for many of […] Read More

Managing Irrational Thoughts

Outgoing text message: “Hey, what are you up to?” Delivered. (no response) Outgoing text: “Hey, you there?” Delivered.  (no response) You think: Why hasn’t she/he texted me back? Why haven’t I heard from them? Where are they?!? They must be cheating on me! Or maybe they’ve been in a car accident.  Maybe they’ve been in […] Read More

Seven Ways to Spring Clean Your Mental Health

I know what you’re probably expecting to hear – spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. While tiding up your space is helpful for the arrival of warmer months, what about some internal feng shui? Spring can be a stressful time, so in addition to eating well, […] Read More

Allergies and Mental Health

Spring has sprung, and for those of us with seasonal allergies, that news is a double-edged sword. Not only do allergies make it more difficult to enjoy the longer days and warmer temperatures, but it turns out there may be a link between allergic reactions and a decline in mental health. According to the article […] Read More

Fierce Female Advocates for Mental Health

What initially started out as “Women’s History Week” in 1981 has evolved into “Women’s History Month” thanks to strong advocates and Congress who passed multiple joint resolutions over a period of years to get to this point. In 1987 Congress designated the month of March as “Women’s History Month” and passed additional resolutions authorizing the […] Read More

Our Connection to TV Characters

Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey and Chandler Bing are names that might sound familiar. This is because they are characters in popular television shows, some of which have been on for years. Despite being fictional, TV characters can have millions of people who are fans of them, with the Internet providing a platform for social media […] Read More

Mental Health Rights: A Global Perspective

When thinking of human rights violations all over the world, one such inequality that may not come to mind is that of human rights abuses towards those with mental illnesses. While stigma is a major aspect of inequality seen in more developed countries, there is far more discrimination than we may realize. The importance of […] Read More

Mental Health Downloadables

50 minutes a week. As a psychotherapist, this is the typical amount of time I spend with each of my clients depending on their need. That leaves 10,030 minutes left in the week without face-to-face therapy. Thankfully, there are plenty of mental health resources available on phone apps and the Internet to fill those thousands of minutes […] Read More

Thought Logs and Their Benefits

We have all heard of journals and perhaps, at some point, had our own, but not all of us may know that they can be used as a very effective form of therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of therapy that helps us understand how our thoughts influence our behaviors, and thought logs are […] Read More

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