Relationships During the Holidays

For couples, the holiday season can be a time of merriment, mistletoe and mixed feelings about where the relationship may be headed. While Christmastime is peak season for marriage proposals, it also happens to fall into what has been termed by some as “breakup season.” Data analyst David McCandless recently combed through over 10,000 Facebook […] Read More

Evolution of the VA Telehealth Program

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs operates the nation’s largest health care system, with almost half of the 20 million veterans living in the United States enrolled in their programming. There are nearly 1,700 facilities across the nation that make up the VHA or Veterans Health Administration. Contrary to what some may think, VA Care is […] Read More

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are a treasured time of togetherness, warm laughter, and delicious food…well, most of the time. Often they can morph into awkward conversations, stressful preparations, and way, way too much pie.  It’s a tale as old as time! So how can we stay healthy, both mentally and physically, during the holiday season? Let’s focus […] Read More

The Mental Health Benefits of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday for many people.  While it is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and count our blessings, for some that is easier said than done.  Any number of elements could affect or change one’s ability to feel gratitude, from estranged family members to geographic distance from those we love. […] Read More

Movember: Raising Awareness of Men’s Health and Wellness

The calendar may say it’s the month of November, but for some, it’s Movember. Movember is a yearly movement where men are encouraged to grow facial hair during the month of November. The goal is to increase awareness of men’s health and wellness. According to their official website, the origin of Movember dates back to […] Read More

The Necessity of Mental Health Care for Veterans

It is no secret that when the subject of mental health arises, veterans are a prominent part of the conversation. This Veterans Day, it’s important to think about and advocate for mental health care for those who served in the military. The numbers surrounding this population are staggering and demonstrate that more needs to be […] Read More

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