Rediscovering Your Self-Confidence

So many of us have struggled with our self-esteem, sometimes for longer than we can remember; whether it be related to our appearance, capabilities, relationships, or any other element of living. Being plagued by poor self-confidence is detrimental to mental health and healthy living in general. This widespread misfortune leads to many negative effects such […] Read More

Baby Sign Language

When a baby is in distress and crying, it is not uncommon for parents to struggle with figuring out what their child desires. This process can be frustrating especially if there are no obvious signs of events needing a remedy. Ie. diaper is clean, baby just ate, baby isn’t too warm or too cold, baby […] Read More

What is Catastrophizing?

Catastrophizing is also known as cognitive distortion, a persistent, reflexive way of thinking that is unrealistic.  It’s always arriving at the worst case scenario with each little hiccup or foreseeable problem. This kind of false cognition can manifest in both present state and future ideation.  So not only do current problems feel insurmountable but future […] Read More

Cabin Fever

This time of year, the temperature drops and the weather gets colder. This may be a good excuse to lay on the couch, binge watch your favorite television shows or movies and eat comfort food. The brain itself even makes changes to adjust to the change in weather. However, it doesn’t take long for this […] Read More

Maintaining Sobriety Over the Holidays

Each year, the winter holidays are when relapse rates are the highest for recovered addicts. Memories of old celebrations or friends/family who still partake in one’s addiction, as well as the loneliness and depression that sometimes accompany the season, can make maintaining sobriety more difficult. However, with a combination of preparation, awareness, and persistence, the […] Read More

The Psychology of Holiday Decorating

There are some who eagerly await the end of Thanksgiving so they can dive right into their boxes filled with red and green twinkling lights, holiday decorations of snowmen and nutcrackers, and cinnamon-flavored candles to make their homes into holiday havens. Bing Crosby croons from the radio, they don ugly holiday sweaters as soon as […] Read More

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) was first introduced in the 1940’s and is arguably one of the most misunderstood treatments in psychiatry. This is likely secondary to the stigma associated with it. ECT is still suspect to many based on its dark history. In the 1940’s electric shock was administered without any type of anesthesia which led […] Read More

The Mental Health Benefits of Volunteering

Those who devote themselves to volunteering believe in the valuable virtues of benevolence, compassion, and generosity. Volunteers often partake in community services to enrich the world around them in a wide array of areas. While volunteering enriches the community and society at large, it also produces its own amazing, mental health benefits for the volunteers […] Read More

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