Body Positivity Movement

A podcast called “She’s All Fat” uses the tagline: “Body positivity, radical self-love, and chill vibes only.” In my opinion, this is the perfect way to describe both the podcast (hosted by two fabulous, hilarious, and brilliant self identified “fatties,” Sophie and April, who discuss the intersection of body positivity and current events) and the […] Read More

Bringing More Kindness In To Work

This week is international kindness week, and there’s one place that kindness is often overlooked: the office. While we are at work, we are often more concerned with productivity than satisfaction, and professionalism that often translates to a decrease in personalization. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, happiness can increase productivity by […] Read More

Importance of Platonic Love

Love. As the old saying goes, it makes the world go ‘round. There are entire movie, book and music genres built upon the concept of love, complete with relationships gone awry and the happily-ever-after endings. Valentine’s Day itself is considered a holiday to celebrate love. However, all of these refer to romantic love, when there […] Read More

What Is Love? The Psychology of Love and Crushes

In 1992, a pair of anthropologists set out to survey 166 of the world’s societies about their particular experience with romantic love. They found that 147 expressed very similar feelings of associated with love (the remaining 19 were not counted because of discrepancies in the questioning, not because there was any negative feedback). Love is […] Read More

Making Long Distance Relationships Work

Throughout my life I’ve heard that long distance relationships never work: it’s too hard, it’s too far, you never see your partner, you can’t meaningfully connect, you don’t get to spend any time together, and the list goes on. Although most people can agree that dating someone local is easier than dating someone long distance, […] Read More

Importance of Work/Life Balance

Finding a balance between your personal and professional life can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Constant access to emails that never seem to slow down; pressure to work long hours in the hopes of getting that big raise or promotion; and not wanting to let down our co-workers make it hard to preserve […] Read More

Mental Health in the Media

In the modern age, technology has given us access to numerous types of media- television shows, movies, books, news stories and more. Besides being a form of entertainment, media has somewhat become a source of knowledge for numerous topics. Mental health, a major facet of the average human, is one of those topics. Public acknowledgement […] Read More

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