Assertive Community Treatment Programs

Imagine a time when all your needs were taken care of – physically, emotionally, and mentally. You were fed, clothed, and sponsored in extracurricular activities. You didn’t worry about healthcare details – you showed up at appointments and followed directions. You never had a second thought about housing or bills. And you had plenty of […] Read More

What is Anosognosia?

Anosognosia is a condition in which an individual is unaware of their mental health condition or can’t perceive their condition accurately. Often, we deem these people to be “in denial” of the deficits, signs, and symptoms of their illness. However, this is an incorrect assumption when dealing with many people with acute mental illnesses. According […] Read More

Pregnancy and Mental Health Disorders

The journey from pregnancy to birth is one of the most stressful and overwhelming experiences one will ever encounter, both mentally and physically. The saga of creating and raising my now-four month old was riddled with instability and hardship, and in this I am not alone. Psychiatric disorders, including those induced or worsened by the […] Read More

The Link Between Physical and Psychological Temperatures

Spring is a period of transition between cold and warm weather for many of us living in northern climates. You may also notice people getting increasingly nicer, happier and “warmer” during this time. This is no coincidence; there is actually a well-established link between changes in people’s physical temperature and their psychological “temperature” or temperament. […] Read More

Seven Small Ways to Practice Self-Care

As I quickly approach my 26th year on earth, I’m realizing the schedule of an adult is hectic. Finding the time to practice self-care and alleviate anxiety can sometimes seem impossible given the few hours in my day I have to get work done, but it’s extremely important. Not only for my mental health, but […] Read More

Hoarding Disorder

You are surrounded by stuff. Not a few things scattered around; not clutter, but piles. These are your belongings, that you knowingly collected, and over time they have taken over your space. You have paths between boxes in your living space that you wade through daily. Your home is overrun with your belongings and the […] Read More

The Healing Power of Music

You may already know that music has the properties to inspire, edify, and bring people together, but did you know it’s been shown to have benefits on mental health? The application of music as therapy for the mind has progressed quickly as brain-imaging techniques have revealed the brain’s plasticity and remarkable ability to respond to […] Read More

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