When Convenience Meets Mental Health

Written by Inpathy consumer Michele It was my turn in the carpooling rotation. Every Thursday, around half past two, I leave work early to pick up my son and his friends from school and take them to soccer practice. Before heading to the school, I stop by the house to pack my sons’ duffel bag […] Read More


Burnout is described as when stress has gone over the tipping point and effects someone by making them cynical, disengaged from their job, and have physical symptoms such as more susceptibility to getting colds, flus, and other communicable illnesses. Stress can be a good thing, as it forces us to deal with work deadlines or […] Read More

How to Date with Your Mental Illness in Mind

Mental health issues aren’t compartmentalized. The distress that comes with them doesn’t stop just because you have a work deadline or errands to run, and it certainly does not go away when you are in a romantic relationship. The process of dating is sensitive and personal, whether it’s swiping right on Tinder, being in a […] Read More

Mental Health Impact of Speech Disorders

A few key moments have stayed with me from Disney’s 1942 animated classic Bambi.  There’s the gut-wrenching “your-mother-can’t-be-with-you-anymore” scene and the one where Bambi learns his first word, mispronouncing “bird” as “buhd”.  As he stammers and stutters toward getting it right, he did what most children experience while learning to talk by demonstrating the hurdles […] Read More

Mental Health and Juvenile Justice

Background and Statistics The relationship between mental health and juvenile justice is complicated. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) approximately 2 million youths are arrested in the United States every year and up to 70% of these youths have an identifiable mental health and/or substance use disorder. This is a much higher […] Read More

Winter Workout Tips

In wintertime, it is very easy to become sedentary. The cold temps mean limited outdoor activities, and the short days can mean less motivation and energy to move. This can be absolutely brutal for people’s fitness routines and New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, with a little bit of effort, you can get yourself moving in the […] Read More

Food and Mood

It is easy to point to certain food groups and know how they’ll impact your cardiovascular health or blood pressure. It is more nebulous, however, to know how the foods we consume may or may not affect our mental health. While scarfing down a pint of ice cream after a hard day is something most […] Read More

Psychology of Workspaces

Every week, Americans spend 33 percent of their time at work. The open office, cubicle and private office are the most popular types of workstations, and they can all have an effect on a person’s mental health. The open office layout, as the name suggests, consists of an open room of desks with little or […] Read More

Rediscovering Your Self-Confidence

So many of us have struggled with our self-esteem, sometimes for longer than we can remember; whether it be related to our appearance, capabilities, relationships, or any other element of living. Being plagued by poor self-confidence is detrimental to mental health and healthy living in general. This widespread misfortune leads to many negative effects such […] Read More

Post-Holiday Blues

The holidays can be a cheerful, festive time of busy schedules, family reunions, and celebrations. As the calendar reads January and the holiday decorations are put back into their boxes, we may feel our mood and energy levels dip and experience feelings of sadness or “post-holiday blues.” Is this common? Why do we feel “blue” […] Read More

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